About the database

The database was established in 2007 by the Nordic countries. The Baltic States are included since the spring of 2013.

Consists of selected variables that are comparable between the countries.

A dynamic database that will change as the telecom markets develop.

The figures are collected and validated by the Nordic-Baltic working group on statistics and definitions.

Unless otherwise stated, the sources for all figures are the national regulatory agencies and/or the national statistical agencies of each country.

Graphs included in this publication cover the years 2017 – 2022. Previous years are available in the database only. The variables are stated as of the end of the year. Time series for each country are displayed from the year where data are available. Due to this, the length of time series may vary.

Graphs include both private and business customers unless otherwise stated.

The graphs are usually expressed as per capita, which means the amount of each variable (both private and business) divided by the relevant country’s population.