Mobile coverage and Broadband survey

The mobile coverage and access mapping is updated with data per 1 october 2022. 

How good is broadband access in Sweden? Where can you find broadband with very high rates? Are there any variations in broadband access between different parts of Sweden? Are some municipalities better equipped for taking advantage of the services that can be offered via broadband?

The survey conducted by Swedish Post and Telecom Agency shows the areas – counties and municipalities – that have or respectively do not have broadband. Here you can both find out about individual municipalities and counties as well as make comparisons. The survey encompasses the most common access technologies being offered in the commercial market. A distinction is made between wired (copper- and fibre-based networks) and wireless technology (mobile broadband).

As of 2016, in addition to information on access to broadband for households and workplaces, there is also information on how the surface coverage for mobile broadband and mobile telephony looks like in Sweden

All of the data on municipality level can be extracted into Excel to conduct your own analyses.

The data are also visualized on (only in Swedish).