3. Broadband services

Development of broadband services

Denmark had most fixed broadband subscriptions: 0,45 per capita in 2020. The share was over 0,27 in all of the countries.

When comparing the penetration of dedicated mobile data subscriptions, Finland and Latvia were well above the rest of the countries with 0,38 and 0,39 subscriptions per capita. The rest of the countries were between 0,06 and 0,25.

When adding dedicated mobile broadband subscriptions to fixed broadband subscriptions, Finland had a broadband penetration rate of 0,72 subscriptions per capita, followed by Latvia with 0,65 subscriptions per capita.

There was only two countries with a penetration rate for mobile voice and data subscriptions above 1. A penetration of 1,17 per capita was found in Finland and Sweden had the penetration of 1,11 per capita.

Development of the fastest broadband services

The share of fiber subscriptions of all fixed broadband subscriptions was highest in Lithuania at 77 percent followed by Sweden and Latvia, with 75 and 71 percent in 2020.

Sweden was well above the other countries in terms of broadband subscriptions with speeds of 100 Mbps or more downstream. The Swedish penetration rate for 100 Mbps or more reached 0,35 subscriptions per capita, while the second highest penetration rate (0,28) was found in Iceland. The penetration rate continued to increase in all of the countries during 2020.

When combining fiber and cable subscriptions per capita, Sweden and Norway had the highest penetration rate with 0,37. The combined penetration rate for cable and fiber was increasing in all countries, mostly due to growth in fiber subscriptions.

Due to the increase in fiber subscription, there is a steady increase in broadband upload speeds.