The Swedish Telecommunications Market

The Swedish Telecom Market report is one of Sweden’s most important survey of telecom operators. The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS), has been tasked with tracking developments in the electronic communications market, promoting competition in that same market and inform consumers. As a part of these tasks, PTS collects and publishes market data in this report, the “Swedish Telecommunications Market” annually. The data is also used in various analysis within PTS.

The Swedish Telecom Market was updated on 23 November 2022. 

This includes statistics about subscriptions, revenues, data traffic and more in the areas:

  • Mobile call and data services
  • Internet services (broadband)
  • Fixed telephony
  • Traditional TV services
  • Data communications services and dark fiber to consumers

As for the first half year 2022, the statistics will soley be published on the Statistics portal. No report has been made for the half year survey. Between 1999-2021 PTS published the report twice a year (one report on the previous full year published in June and one for the first half published in November).

Documents: Here you can find documents such as the report, questionnaire, list of participants, tables, and more.

Tables with statistics: Here you can find statistics at the operator level and market shares by clicking on the area you want to know more about. In some tables, the field for the first half is blank, which means that the question has not been asked in the survey for the first half-year.

For the most recent statistics, always refer to Statistics Portal. Changes as a result of supplements and corrections after publication of the report version are documented under Change Log.