About PTS individual survey

The target group for the survey is the general public in Sweden between the ages of 16 and 75. The sample is a random sample representing Sweden and encompassing 4 000 individuals. The data was collected from August to November 2017 and the respondents were able to choose whether they wanted to respond by mail or via Internet. This survey was supplemented by a collection via telephone interviews to increase the response rate.

The response frequency in the survey was 45 per cent and of these, 46 per cent chose to respond via Internet. See the report (in Swedish only) found under Documents for a more detailed description of response frequencies, a comparison between those who responded via the Internet and by mail, and reasons for failure to respond.

As in previous years, the results have been weighted in relation to the variables of sex, age and SKLs municipality group classification (SKLs kommungruppsindelning) in proportion to percentages of the population. The purpose of this is to compensate for the failure to respond in some target groups and in order to make the survey more representative. For a detailed explanation of the SKLs municipality group classification see the report found in Documents

In previous years H Region has been used to classify geografical division, but this method is not used anymore.